Superior Landscape Lighting Design

Signature Landscape Lighting is a family owned and operated business since 2004. As a Florida licensed contractor, we offer landscape lighting design and installation as well as service and maintenance to commercial and residential clients. We also specialize in diagnosis and repair of complex estate and commercial low-voltage lighting systems. Signature is also an expert in the new integrated LED technology.

Signature’s mission is to beautifully extend the Tampa Bay homeowner’s enjoyment of their property through illumination while providing safety and security for their family.

Signature was founded on these core values:

Customer Satisfaction – We build long term relationships through commitment to understanding our customer’s needs, concerns and desires.  Throughout everything we do, we strive to be responsive, considerate, honest and straight-forward.  What we value most is ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our work.  We understand that it is our customers that make us successful.

Commitment to Quality – We have great passion and dedication for quality.   Our commitment is to never save time or money by compromising quality and to always do the job right the first time.

Respect and Integrity – Throughout everything we do, we treat people with fairness, honesty and respect.  We conduct all our business with the highest standards of ethics, trust and integrity.

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