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While our systems don’t typically require frequent servicing, we understand that from time to time something may need to be addressed, especially with older systems or our customers that are still on the incandescent bulb systems. Please find some helpful information below regarding our service request and fee process…

Fee for service call that includes up to 1 hr service at $108, additional hr rate is $75, most services are able to be addressed within the hr time unless there is extensive damage.

Parts, wire, fixtures and bulbs additional charge if required and NOT under warranty

Current maintenance programs signed up for prior to April 1st, 2017 are honored through their respective expiration dates

We guarantee the service call will be scheduled within 7 days and any special requests are required to be listed in notes

There will be an additional $50 fee for rush requests for service repairs. Please check your systems prior to any scheduled events to allow for the 7 day scheduling window.

If our technician comes to the property and is not able to access the proper equipment, there will be an additional service charge to come back out.

Most of our calls can be addressed outside, so it is not a necessity for the owner to be present, however if they request to have a specific time, they will be given one of two time frames 8-noon or noon-5pm.


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